Pets & Planet

Animal Health Care Center of Renton’s dedication to health and well-being extends beyond the animals we treat. We stand by our Renton community and the environment we call home. We believe veterinary facilities have a duty to operate sustainably, so we’ve made a Pets and Planet Pledge to minimize our environmental pawprint.

From our interior lighting fixtures to exterior landscaping, we’ve integrated green technologies and conscious practices into every aspect of our neighborhood clinic. Energy-efficient walls and windows coupled with an HVAC system that pre-treats air naturally allow us to reduce emissions. We champion renewable resources, mindful consumption, and waste reduction in our daily operations because incremental changes collectively make a big difference. Recycling all eligible materials reduces needless landfill contributions, and our paperless records and reminder systems conserve countless trees.

As Renton’s vet, supporting environmental and public health aligns with our mission of community wellbeing. We hope our Pledge inspires other businesses to implement creative sustainability and carbon-offsetting solutions. When building a brighter future for pets and people, we all must do our part for the planet!

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