Isolation Ward

Isolation Ward

Isolation Ward

A Safe Haven for Vulnerable Patients

The Animal Health Care Center’s isolation ward is specifically designed to treat and protect pets with severe illnesses or contagious diseases. This separate facility ensures these pets receive focused care away from the general clinic areas.

Advanced Biosecurity Features

Our isolation unit is built with features that prevent the spread of disease. This includes non-porous surfaces for thorough disinfection, a negative pressure ventilation system to contain airborne pathogens and HEPA filtration for clean air exhaust. Our team follows strict protocols, including rigorous hand washing, the use of protective gear, and separate tools for each patient to minimize transmission risks.

Focused Treatment in a Quarantine Setting

The ward serves as both a quarantine zone and an intensive care unit, providing customized treatments like oxygen therapy and nebulization in a controlled environment. Our approach ensures that each pet receives the specific care they need, with 24/7 monitoring to quickly address any complications.

When your pet is facing a serious contagious illness or is critically ill, our isolation ward offers a secure and effective environment for their treatment and recovery. Our priority is the safety and health of every patient, especially those in vulnerable conditions.