Preventative Care

Preventative Care

Keeping Pesky Parasites Away

At Animal Health Care Center of Renton, we want to help protect your furry friend and family from uncomfortable parasites. Our caring team provides customized parasite prevention plans to match your pet’s lifestyle and keep your home happy and healthy.  

Controlling Annoying Worms

Intestinal worms and other internal creepy-crawlies are more common in pets than you may realize. Over 85% of young pets have roundworms that deprive your companion of nutrients and can spread to humans, especially children. Yuck!

Our veterinarians routinely check for parasites during twice-a-year wellness exams and are happy to educate clients like you on safe, effective deworming medications and environmental control to break the worm life cycle. With a personalized prevention plan, we’ll have those wigglers on the run so your best friend can live their best life by your side!

Repelling Bothersome Fleas & Ticks 

Warmer weather brings the return of biting and disease-carrying pests like fleas and ticks. But modern monthly oral/topical preventatives make seasonal parasite protection easier than ever. As your local pet health resource, the Animal Health Care Center of Renton can help you find the right solution for your pet. We’ll help determine whether oral tablets, tasty chews, spot-ons, collars, or other forms work best for your pet’s needs and your family’s lifestyle. With a customized prevention plan, your dog or cat can play outside pest-free!

We view parasite prevention as an essential piece of complete care for your fur baby. Contact us today to discuss options that will have bugs bugging someone else’s best friend this season.